A Platform for Healthy Ageing at YOUR Place with YOUR Loved ones

Ageing in Place & Healthy Ageing

is about "optimising opportunities for good health, so that older people can take an active part in society and enjoy an independent and high quality of life"

More seniors are opting to stay in their own  place than ever before. While it may not be possible for an older adult to live independently forever, but with some modifications to their home and along with the required personal and health care support will make it safer and more functional for them to remain in their own homes longer.

At the national level,
69% of the elderly have a house in their own name,
7% have a house in the spouse’s name,
3% are living with others and 20% are living on rent.

85% of the elderly are living with family,
8% are living with spouse only,
6% are living alone and 2% are living with relatives.

If your loved one needs extra help to stay in their own home, you don't have to do it alone now.
Most experienced and dedicated caregivers are associated with us to provide your family with peace of mind and support.

We help people enjoy life at home, whether they’re elderly, suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, or recovering from injury or surgery.

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Passionately committed to work for the betterment of Humanity and develop sustainable community living models, for our generation and most importantly the generations to come

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