How We Work

1. Share your Problems

Share your problems with us and ask questions, so that we can advise you on the best process, schedule and plan. We can go over rates, caregivers, and any detailed requests you may have to make sure the engagement is exactly what you are looking for.

2. Schedule

we will work around your family’s schedule. With experienced caregivers, EHA can find an ideal match for your family. We also know the best caregivers that will fit your specific needs and preferences.  The Care Manager will arrange a caregiver a few hours a week to full-time and can start your engagement in a few days.

3. Care

Our caregivers are there for you and your loved one. We want everyone to be pleased with the services provided and hope to bring you joy and relief in this time of need. If you find you need us more often or less frequently, please let us  know and we can adjust the schedule.


4. Follow-Up

EHA is committed to having the customer service and follows the best standards for in-home services. The emotional relationship we have with our members is sincere and open. We take pride in the satisfaction of our members have with us and look forward to you enjoying the same experience.

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